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Ten Ways to Build the Next 150 Years of Canadian Business Success

In a time of political and economic uncertainty, the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce, together with the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, has identified Ten Ways to Build a Canada That Wins, key opportunities Canada can seize to regain its competitiveness, improve its productivity and grow its economy.

“Our list outlines specific recommendations on what Canada can do better, and the opportunities to improve our economic success. Canada can’t sit still while our competitors run laps around us. We need every advantage, and the Canadian Chamber will work with government to put these new measures in place,” said the Hon. Perrin Beatty, President and CEO of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce. “If we take advantage of these opportunities, we’ll give our businesses new tools to ensure their growth and success.”

In this fiercely competitive world, business needs more than its own skills to win—it also needs a supportive environment and public policies to encourage competitiveness.

“We’ve identified opportunities that will have lasting effects on our national, provincial, and local economies,” said Janet M. Riopel, President & CEO of the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce. “At the Edmonton Chamber, we’re focused on promoting trade and exports globally.”

“In order to get our products to world markets, businesses need efficient, transparent regulatory processes,” said Riopel. “We urge government to adopt regulatory systems that are predictable and that encourage greater economic growth.”

“As we celebrate Canada’s 150th anniversary, we can look back at the essential role business played in shaping our country,” said Beatty. “These ten opportunities can provide a foundation for the next 150 years of Canadian business success.”


Ten Ways to Build a Canada That Wins:

  1. Promote innovation and harness the power of data
  2. Fight global protectionism
  3. Upgrade Canada’s regulatory system to get natural resources and other exports to world markets
  4. Work with business to combat climate change and maintain Canada’s competitiveness
  5. Build Canada’s brand
  6. Grow small business to take on the world
  7. Build digital skills to compete in the new talent economy
  8. Assure better access to capital for Indigenous entrepreneurs
  9. Dismantle internal barriers that cost consumers and discourage investors
  10. Encourage investment by cutting the cost of doing business in Canada

The Edmonton Chamber of Commerce
The Edmonton Chamber of Commerce, the official voice of business in the Capital Region, is one of the largest Chambers in Canada. The Edmonton Chamber proudly serves its 2,291 members, representing over 111,000 employees, to achieve its mission of creating the best environment for business.

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce
The Canadian Chamber of Commerce is the vital connection between business and the federal government. It helps shape public policy and decision-making to the benefit of businesses, communities and families across Canada with a network of over 450 chambers of commerce and boards of trade, representing 200,000 businesses of all sizes in all sectors of the economy and in all regions.

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