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The Edmonton Chamber of Commerce believes that a healthy, stable, and predictable business ecosystem in any community is good for business owners and good for all. As the economy thrives and wealth creation takes place, entrepreneurs who take business innovation risks, corporations who act as cornerstones of the business community, and small and medium‐sized providers of goods and services contribute to community development in large and small ways. It is often successful businesses that become a community’s most generous volunteers, philanthropists and advocates for social innovation.

As a Chamber, we are unapologetically interested in business success, so that thriving business organizations can do their part to enhance our collective quality of life. They do this through support of sport, arts, culture and a range of recreational pursuits, as well as playing a role in resolving some of our most pressing social concerns such as poverty, homelessness, discrimination, and exclusion.

In order to safeguard the behaviours we value, this Plan explicitly commits to stakeholder engagement that is:

  • Informed
  • Respectful
  • Principled
  • Collaborative
  • Professional

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