Chamber Membership ROI Calculator

Your Edmonton Chamber of Commerce membership doesn't cost you money. It saves you money! 

Through active participation in our exclusive Member Rewards program, Chamber members can save hundreds of dollars on core business expenses including fuel, shipping, electricity, banking, office supplies, and much, much more. 

How much money can your Chamber membership save you? 

Plug in your estimated annual business expenses into our handy ROI Calculator below to quickly calculate the significant savings that Chamber membership can contribute towards your bottom line profits.*

As the calculator clearly demonstrates, it's fairly easy for Chamber members to quickly reach the point where your rewards savings can exceed your membership costs. In short, your Chamber membership pays for itself!

As you can see from the net benefit above, the more you take advantage of your Member Rewards, the more you'll save. And, this calculator doesn't even include all of the rewards you're eligible to receive!

Visit our Member Rewards page for more details and/or Join the Chamber page to start saving today. 


*Expense information provided is for calculation purposes only and is not saved or stored in any fashion.
Calculations are estimated approximations based on currently available discount offers from companies participating in the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce's Preferred Partners Program. 

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