Why DIY electrical is a bad idea

Guest blog post submitted by member RenovationFind

Photo Credit: Scorpion Electrical Solutions

Simply put, working with electricity is dangerous. Without an intricate and working knowledge of how electrical systems work and the proper training, tampering with your home’s electrical system is a bad idea. Make a mistake and you could electrocute yourself, causing serious injury or even death, or you could cause a short circuit and start a house fire.

Always hire a licensed electrician.

Whether you need to repair an issue with your wiring or are working on a home renovation, you should always leave the electrical work to certified electricians in Edmonton. Master electricians have gone through the training and have years of experience working with residential electrical systems. Licensed electricians will be aware of potential hazards and can quickly and safely resolve issues if they should come up during the project. They will also know what is required to be complaint with building codes and will be able to sign off on building permits.

You should also be wary of renovators or handymen who offer electrical services but do not have certification. If the job is big enough that it requires a licensed electrician to sign off on it, having it done by an unlicensed contractor or by yourself, could compromise your home insurance. Should something go wrong with it and it causes damage to your home, your insurance company might not cover it and you will be held responsible.

Signs you might have electrical problems:

Faulty wiring is a major cause of house fires in Canada. If you live in an older home and it has been previously renovated, there is really no way to know what kind of work was done and if it was done by a certified electrician. This is especially true if you have an older finished basement that was completed by the DIY homeowner before you. How can you tell if there is dangerous wiring behind your walls?

If you notice that your wall switches and outlets are hot to touch or are discoloured, there could be an issue. Other things to look for are flickering lights, breakers that constantly trip and fuses that always blow even after they have been replaced. Sparks coming out of the outlet when you’re plugging something in, burning smells coming from appliances or certain parts of the house are all tell-tell signs there is an issue with your electrical. Have an electrician come inspect it for you and don’t wait. Learn how to avoid electrical shock.

If you want to install new electrical for a home renovation, require electrical repair or are worried you might have a problem with your wiring, you should always call a licensed electrician.



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