2019–2022 City Budget Bulletins

Property tax increases, on top of increased taxes, fees, and other costs from all orders of government, are pushing many Edmonton businesses to the breaking point. The City of Edmonton is currently developing its 2019-2022 budget, which will be released in November 2018.

The Edmonton Chamber has struck a Municipal Budget Task Force to work with the City, to represent the interests of job creators, to find areas where the City can achieve savings, and to avoid further property tax increases.

The Edmonton Chamber of Commerce is releasing a series of City Budget Bulletins through which we will be raising awareness and proposing solutions. Please share them and let the Mayor and Council know how important it is to hold the line on property tax increases in the upcoming municipal budget.

City Budget Bulletin #1: Recreation Centres

City Budget Bulletin #2: Waste Management

City Budget Bulletin #3: Priority-Based Budgeting

City Budget Bulletin #4: Labour Costs Part One

City Budget Bulletin #5: Labour Costs Part Two

City Budget Bulletin #6: Edmonton Must Get its Competitive Edge Back

City Budget Bulletin #7: We Need Your Voice!

City Budget Bulletin #8: Keep the Momentum Going

City Budget Bulletin #9: Your Voice is Critical

City Budget Bulletin #10: Last Chance to Speak Up!

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