Expanding Business and Investor Confidence

Why are we doing it?

Business people make financial decisions every day. They assess the market for their goods and services, and evaluate the risks and opportunities in technological, taxation, regulatory, environmental, social, and political change. To determine whether a project makes economic sense, they need to understand current and future costs. Their confidence in current and future business prospects drives their decisions about staffing levels, expansion, construction, relocation, product development, marketing, and more. Uncertainty and unpredictability undermine that confidence because they add risk. When risks are too great or costs are too high, investments do not happen. Our advocacy efforts focus on ensuring that regulators, governments, and others understand the consequences of their decisions for business, and make changes with certainty and stability. In a stable business environment, economic opportunities are able to expand.

What are we doing?

We advocate for a predictable business environment so local companies can expand. We advocate for making Edmonton an attractive place to do business, so that new companies choose to come here after considering their near and not-so-near alternatives. We advocate for effective tax policies, so that businesses remain viable and competitive in a global market. Our business community has made substantial progress in reducing our environmental impact, and we advocate for effective, technologically feasible programs that can further reduce those impacts without compromising jobs or the economy. In short, we advocate for regulations, taxes, and systems which allow for strong companies to be a vibrant part of strong communities.

For a full summary of the Actions and Decision Points associated with this policy plan, please browse the more detailed report.

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