Expanding Regional and Northern Partnerships

Why are we doing it?

Our neighbours are some of our best customers, our elected officials are some of our strongest community advocates, and we are each critical to the other’s success. As a Chamber, we want to strengthen business across northern Alberta, northern British Columbia and the western Arctic. Good working relationships with elected representatives and government officials mean that we can share information and ideas. Sharing expertise and business opportunities can build stronger communities within Edmonton and beyond our borders. By taking a broader perspective on our common challenges, like finding skilled workers and having adequate infrastructure, we can call for solutions which meet the greatest needs in the most effective way.

What are we doing?

With more than 1.3 million people, the Edmonton region is a sizeable consumer market – Canada’s fifth largest region by population. The region is expected to grow to just under 2.2 million people over the next three decades. As a transportation, manufacturing, retail and geographic hub, Edmonton is naturally placed to partner with northern companies, governments, and industries. As a training hub and major population centre, Edmonton is well positioned to support workforce development. We are working to increase the business community’s understanding of nearby markets and their opportunities, so members can better meet the needs of this growing, changing customer base. Similarly, Edmonton’s businesses may have needs which northern firms are ready to meet, and we are working with our partners to identify them. Finding these opportunities and understanding their potential will expand economic success for all.

For a full summary of the Actions and Decision Points associated with this policy plan, please browse the more detailed report.

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