Expanding Trade and Access to Markets

Why are we doing it?

Businesses sell their goods or services to customers. They need to find customers, convince them to buy their product, and consistently provide what they need. Companies are each responsible for selling their products, but they often require the same basic conditions and infrastructure to be successful. Finding new customers is important, because that helps existing businesses grow. Understanding customers’ changing needs is important, because that drives innovation. It requires technology for outreach, personal connections to open doors, and an understanding of the cultures and rules of different markets. Fibre optic networks allow us to exchange information and money quickly; roads and railways allow us to ship products quickly; air service allows us to travel quickly. When ideas and products can move to where they are needed, the businesses providing them expand.

What are we doing?

The movement of goods, services, people and investment are all essential to good business operations, and we identify priority initiatives to make those operations even stronger. When we hear the same concerns from several members, we identify barriers and look for solutions that will benefit the broader business community. When Edmonton businesses face challenges that others do not, we work to level the playing field. We recognize the importance of innovation in making businesses successful, and we call for a business environment that allows innovative ideas to come forward to the marketplace.

For a full summary of the Actions and Decision Points associated with this policy plan, please browse the more detailed report.

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