Policy Forum

Helping businesses in Edmonton by advocating on behalf of our members to positively influence decisions made by all levels of government.

Policy Forum is the main policy approval body of the Edmonton Chamber. All policies developed by our volunteer committees and task forces receive a final review by Policy Forum. In addition to the finished policy, Policy Forum receives the background information and research on the submitted policy. Any proposed resolutions are presented by the committee or task force chair for ratification. After deliberation and approval by Policy Forum, those approved become official policies and positions of the Edmonton Chamber.

Following a successful approval, each policy position is assigned a lobbying plan and thoroughly communicated to appropriate government representatives. The process is facilitated by the Edmonton Chamber policy team with the expert advisement of Policy Forum.

All official policies are available for and welcome public viewing. Review our municipal, provincial and federal policies. If you would like more information about our Policy Forum or to discuss Edmonton Chamber policy positions in greater detail, contact Brent Francis, Director, Advocacy and Outreach, by emailing

Our current Policy Forum members are: 

Dawn Harsch

Vice Chair, ECC Board

Exquisicare Inc.

Bryan DeNeve

Treasurer, ECC Board

Capital Power

Dr. Glenn Feltham

Director, ECC Board

Northern Alberta Institute of Technology

Elan MacDonald

Director, ECC Board

Impact Consulting

Janet Riopel

President & CEO, Ex-Officio

Edmonton Chamber of Commerce

Jeffrey Sundquist

Chair, Energy & Environment Committee

Clean Industrial

Laurene Beloin

Chair, Finance & Taxation Committee

Norquest College

Tim Morrison

Chair, Municipal Affairs Committee

Insurance Bureau of Canada

Darrell Toma

Chair, Trade & Market Access Committee

Toma & Bouma Management Consultants

Marian Stuffco

Chair, Workforce Development Committee

College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta

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