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Forging Our Future

A resilient and inclusive Alberta is within our reach

Let’s forge a better future, through and beyond COVID-19

There’s transformative power in this pandemic. Let’s seize it.

Since the onset of COVID-19 in our communities, change that would have taken years, happened in a matter of days or weeks. Entire workforces transitioned online, government support programs launched within days, business pivoted to help fight the pandemic while adapting to new and evolving societal needs.

These times have challenged all of us—our families and our businesses—in every possible way.

Within this moment of great disruption lies a rare opportunity to create a future for our community and our province that is more stable, more resilient, and more inclusive.

We’ve seen what’s possible when we work together

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What’s at stake

We can’t go back to the way things were

As we all adjust to the new realities the COVID-19 pandemic has created, it is apparent that amidst these challenging times there are unique opportunities we must grasp if we are to forge a future of long-term stability, prosperity, and quality of life for us all.

We’ve heard repeatedly from businesses that we cannot go back to the way things were. In Edmonton and across Alberta, there is no solid foundation to rebuild upon. We’ve struggled with years of anemic economic growth, limited access to global markets for oil and gas, rising downtown vacancies, and alarmingly high levels of unemployment.

No part of our economy has been left untouched by COVID-19. Our long-term recovery and a future that offers opportunities for the next generation will depend on the creativity, grit, and determination of entrepreneurial and innovative thinkers in our economy.

Now is our chance to harness fresh perspectives and innovative thinking to improve our lives at home, at work, in our cities, and across our province. We've done it before, and we can do it again.

Our Plan

There is a pathway to a more stable, more resilient, and more inclusive future for our cities and our province. Our business communities know how to get there, but we need action from all levels of government.

We have spoken with businesses, experts, and community leaders to uncover the opportunities and challenges ahead. We’ve also conducted opinion research to measure and capture the public sentiment around them.

Here are eight things we can do to forge a better future, through and beyond COVID-19.

Businesses face significant challenges, and most continue to feel the impacts of the pandemic each and every day. Government programs must be flexible and accessible, and should focus on getting people back to work, assisting businesses with fixed costs, and providing businesses with as much certainty as possible.

Let’s forge our future together. With bold action, we can chart the path to a brighter future. Will you join us?

Forging Our Future is an effort by the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce to set our community and our province up to be more stable, more resilient, and more inclusive through and beyond COVID-19.

Learn more about the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce.

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