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Closing Personal Services Shops Necessary to Protect Public Health, But Businesses Will Need Immediate Assistance

26 March 2020

Everyone has an important role to play in preventing the spread of COVID-19, and the business community is committed to doing our part to protect Albertans’ health and safety. While we support the City’s decision to close all personal services shops, we urge the City to allow businesses who offer curbside pickup services to remain open. All orders of government must take immediate action to prevent affected business from closing their doors permanently.

“Public health is paramount,” said Janet Riopel, President & CEO of the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce. “But businesses that have to close can’t wait weeks for financial relief – they need help right now.”

All orders of government must do more to ensure that financial supports reach businesses and workers without delay. Businesses that close to uphold public health cannot withstand weeks and months without revenues. If governments fail to provide immediate assistance, they will have no choice but to permanently close their doors. That’s why we strongly encourage all governments to make the delivery of supports as easy as possible for businesses and ensure they do not add any unnecessary red tape.

“When businesses close, owners and employees lose their livelihoods and the whole community is impacted,” said Riopel. “Government must do more to help businesses access the financial support they need.  If they can’t access these supports, then the system isn’t working properly.”

By supporting businesses during these difficult times, we can help ensure they emerge from COVID-19 more resilient than before.

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