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Member Spotlight: May

Mental Health Week

May 3–9 is Mental Health Week in Canada. We are excited to highlight five of our Members who specialize in providing extraordinary services to those looking for support to prioritize their own mental health and wellbeing.  

Insight Psychological Inc.

2532 Ellwood Dr. SW
Edmonton, T6X 0A9

Mental Health

Get to know them:      

Insight Psychological is one of Alberta’s top providers of high-quality multi-specialty assessment and counselling services. Insight currently has a diverse team of over 40 therapists that provide online as well as in-person services across multiple locations in Edmonton, Calgary, Red Deer and beyond. With excellence in service, integrity in action, and compassion in client care as our guiding principles, Insight strives to be the most trusted provider of high-quality psychological care in every single community we serve. 


Tips and resources you can take to prioritize your mental health: 

  • Good mental health is related to resilience. Resilience can be improved by increasing positive thinking styles and having an optimistic lens on situations. Optimists tend to live longer and happier lives even if their views are not as realistic.  
  • There is good research indicating that mood can be improved by simply walking in nature for 20 minutes a day. Take the time to reconnect and embrace the outdoors. 
  • Keep your emotional and communication flow engaged. Watch out for what they call “emotional constipation,” by expressing yourself regularly through speech, writing, emoting or even artistic expression.  

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Powerful Play Experiences

Serving Edmonton, Calgary & Beyond

Positive Mental Health at Work at Home

Get to know them:      

Powerful Play Experiences is an Alberta-based Workshop and Event business that believes fun at work, plus building a culture of highly engaged and happy teams is the #1 cost-effective strategy that consistently results in positive workplace mental health for your team.   

Robert Manolson is committed to sharing his own story of managing depression and anxiety by being a Mental Health Champion. He's committed to being a role model for men everywhere and encouraging other men to get comfortable talking about their mental health and the support they might need. 


Tips and resources you can take to prioritize your mental health: 


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Navina Yoga  

#211 316 Windermere RD NW
Edmonton T6W 2Z8

Physical and Mental Wellness

Get to know them:      

Navina Yoga is a multidisciplinary studio that specializes in Yoga, Pilates, Barre, and Meditation classes. They offer an exceptional virtual service that will support your mental wellbeing just as much as your physical wellbeing through a wide range of classes, workshops and challenges. They also have a podcast Strength & Grace: Off The Mat, that is focused on mental health and teaches listeners how to live their yoga. Interested in learning more? Subscribe to listen to important conversations with a goal of helping support overall health & well-being. 


Tips and resources you can take to prioritize your mental health: 

  • Mental Health Matters Blog: Read here  
  • Loving Kindness Meditation: Watch here  
  • Podcast Episode—Connection as a pillar of mental health: Listen here  

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Momentum Walk-In Counselling Society

Suite 706, 5241 Calgary Trail NW
Edmonton, T6H 5G8

Mental Health Non-Profit, Registered Charity

Get to know them:      

At Momentum, they practice a strengths-based approach, meaning that they help you uncover your current strengths and resources and how they can be used to develop strategies for growth and positive change. Their team does not focus on labels or pathology, rather the inherent strengths that are unique to you. They offer a safe place to anyone looking for strategies that can be used to help cope with stressful situations and above all else, they will listen to you with understanding and without judgement. 


Tips and resources you can take to prioritize your mental health: 

  • Become intentional about your self-care routines.  Often, when we become busy or anxious, we begin to skip the routines we need to be well.  Block time in your calendar for anything that helps you refresh and recharge.  Make an appointment with yourself! 
  • Consider your relationship with technology.  These days, we are so reliant on tech to work, go to school and connect socially.  There is emerging research on digital wellness and how it can contribute to your overall mental health. Check out a recent presentation on digital wellness on RealTalkRJ here. 
  • Reach out.  Accessing counselling does not mean there is something wrong with you.  Rather, you may be focused on your personal growth, looking for new tools and techniques or need support working through a difficult situation.  

Infinity Healthcare Ltd. 

CN Tower, 11th Floor 10004 104 Ave

Edmonton, T5J 0K1


Get to know them:      

Providing health to someone is an intimate journey, so it is Infinity’s goal to find the very best care and caregiver for you. They focus not only on the client, but on our employees too, by a wildly popular program called the Infinity Personality Matching program. So, if your mom only speaks Polish and enjoys gardening, they will find a caregiver that speaks her language and understands her culture—and even likes to garden! This comes full circle since our clients remain happy, and our employees do too.  


Tips and resources you can take to prioritize your mental health: 

Infinity Healthcare takes mental health seriously, with both their employees and clients. They have a program called Not Myself Today, and it is based on the insight that everyone has had days when we don’t feel like ourselves. Infinity Healthcare understands that these feelings are part of our mental health and it’s important to take care of them. They leverage this insight to connect people to their own mental health and build empathy and understanding toward those living with mental illnesses. 

A fun aspect of their program is the use of buttons that employees can wear. The buttons titles range from: 

  • Meh 
  • Vulnerable 
  • Inspired 
  • Disappointed 
  • Content 
  • Happy 
  • Stressed 

These buttons invite a conversation, which helps people normalize their mental health status. It’s been wildly successful in our organization. 


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