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Membership Benefits


Memberships that grow your business. It's what we do.

The Edmonton Chamber of Commerce supports and enhances the Edmonton business community by advocating for conditions that keep you competitive, delivering educational experiences that help you thrive, and connecting you to the right people.

See what an Edmonton Chamber membership can do for you.

Here are the top 10 reasons to become a member:

1. Connection

We are one of the largest Chambers of Commerce in Canada. Most importantly, we are also one of the most engaged. When you become a Chamber Member, you are immediately connected to a community of over 1,900 member companies, employing more than 100,000 people in our region. From the start, you can connect with your fellow members through the avenue that best suits your specific business model and personal approach.

  • Social butterfly? Network at a chamber mixer or join the conversation with the Chamber’s large social media audiences (on TwitterFacebookLinkedIn and more!). Your fellow members want to meet and hear from you.
  • Prefer email or the telephone? Find fellow members with compatible interests via our Business Directory to start the ball rolling.
  • More of a marketer? Connect with your fellow members via a member-to-member discount offer, an informative blogpost, or take advantage of the full range of advertising options available to members.
  • Prefer team interaction? Inquire about joining a speaker panel, a workshop group, or even our Board!

Whatever your preferred method of communication (in-person, digitally, socially, collaboratively), we have the right avenue to help connect you with the larger Edmonton business community to build meaningful relationships and partnerships.

2. Influence

Chamber membership gives you a voice on the issues that matter. By volunteering with a Chamber policy committee, you can ensure that policymakers are aware of your business concerns. The best part? Small businesses sit right alongside large businesses in our advocacy process, ensuring that everyone has an equal and impactful voice.

3. Insight

Chamber Members receive discounted access on a broad range of events designed to keep your business informed on emerging trends, key policies and market developments. From keynote speeches with industry experts and political leaders to immersive business development workshops, chamber membership equips you with the perspectives and strategies needed to compete, grow and prosper.

4. Savings

Chamber Members (including ALL of your employees) can realize thousands of dollars in discounts with Member Rewards on banking, insurance, fuel, shipping, staffing, office supplies, travel, training, advertising, education, marketing, and more!

Better still, each member can save through participation in the Chambers of Commerce Group Insurance Plan, an affordable, stable group insurance plan.

Last, but certainly not least, each and every chamber member can promote their own special Business to Business offerings via the Member-to-Member Discount Program, ensuring an ever changing mix of exclusive discounts and special offers for every Chamber Member.

Savings on business overheads = increased profits!

5. Branding

The Mayor's State-of-the-City Address, the Premier's State-of-the-Province Luncheon, the annual Chamber BallSmall Business Week, the annual Chamber Golf TournamentSponsoring an Edmonton Chamber of Commerce event puts your brand on the poster, in the program and behind the podium for the highest profile business events of the year!

Most importantly, our Sponsorship Team can work directly with each and every member to custom tailor a sponsorship package designed to showcase your business and brand effectively and cost efficiently.

6. Community
Are you a new business or a well-established business new to the Edmonton area? Maybe you’re a virtual business or a young business leader still growing your professional contacts? Whatever your situation, Chamber membership provides you instant recognition as a credible, engaged member of the local business community. Through your participation in the Chamber, you are immediately recognized and embraced as a member business committed to improving the local business community and the quality of life for all Edmontonians.

 7. Audience

Chamber Members can reach a qualified and loyal business audience through a broad range of chamber advertising options:

Best of all, members enjoy an exclusive discount of up to 20% on advertising opportunities, ensuring your advertising spend with the chamber is both well targeted and cost effective.

8. Leadership

Chamber membership provides your business with an additional platform to help make Edmonton a better place to live and do business. From participation in round table discussions and member summits, to business mentorships and more, membership connects you with other leaders in the Edmonton business community to help create a better environment for business in the capital city.

9. Retention

Retaining your best employees is critical to the long-term success of your business and chamber membership can help. Making the most of your chamber membership means sharing the good news with all of your employees on all the perks available to them as new chamber members:

  • Cost savings across a comprehensive range of daily expenses via our Member Rewards Program
  • Discounted registrations on a full slate of education events and training opportunities
  • Immediate expansion of their personal and professional networks
  • Access to daily, weekly and monthly business insights via the Chamber’s communication platforms

10. World Trade Centre Edmonton

Chamber Members receive additional membership with the World Trade Centre Association (WTCE) at no extra charge.

WTCE membership advantages include the following:

  • Your comfortable and convenient connection to global opportunities in trade, travel and investment
  • One-stop service centre with productivity, presentation and meeting space for up to 120 people
  • Convenient downtown location

World Trade Centre Edmonton Amenities:

  • A variety of flexible meeting spaces and boardrooms that offer natural light with window views of the downtown
  • Catered food and beverage services
  • Free Wi-Fi connections
  • Modern A/V conferencing and presentation tools
  • Printing and copying available
  • Certificates of Origin attested / Onsite Commissioner of Oaths
  • Security monitored building

Become a member!

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