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Sept 12

20 September 2019

Waste Reduction Week in Canada is a yearly program, focused solely on the principles of circular economy, resource efficiency, and waste reduction. The celebratory nature of the campaign is how it encourages learning and behavior alteration.


Waste Reduction Week in Canada provides information and ideas to reduce waste in all aspects of daily living, creating the solutions to the many environmental trials we encounter including climate change, water pollution and preservation of natural resources.


In recent years, e-waste has shown a rapid increase in volume.  Across the planet we are seeing it pile up in developing and third world nations alike, putting citizens and the environment at great risk. We think it’s time to change this. ERA has compiled a list of “The dos and don’ts when it comes to recycling electronics”.



Don’t dispose of your old devices without clearing the data from the machines:


  • Your personal information can be extremely sensitive and you may want to erase it from your device thoroughly. There are many ways to destroy the data on your computer or laptop.
    • Data Wiping: Blancco is an industry leading software to remove sensitive data from equipment. This method employs a multiple pass, random array approach to sanitizing data.
    • Data Destruction: An Ameri-Shred mobile hard drive shredder is the best way to destroy your hard drives securely. These machines are capable of shredding hard drives, data tapes, servers and other data storage hardware.


Don’t dispose of batteries incorrectly as they are filled with toxic chemicals that can harm the earth:

  • Throwing batteriesaway can have serious effects for the environment as they can pollute the soil, air and water. There are stores that will recycle any old batteries in an environmental manner to reduce the damage they can cause


Don't throw your electronics in the trash and polite the environment:

  • When we recycle/reuse our electronics we add less pollution to our environment. There are many ways that we can produce less electronics and that is by reusing the items, donating them to individuals in need or simply passing it down to your younger sibling.



Do donate it to a good cause

  • Donating electronics to a good cause will benefit you immensely. ERA suggests donating your computer to a Re-furbisher first, rather than directly to the organization. Sending your device directly to the organization may be tempting. However, most organizations have specific needs when it comes to the software and hardware of a computer or laptop. Your computer might not be a good fit for a certain charity and may result in your device not being used. Several organizations do not have the storage nor the manpower to erase the data, upload the necessary software before reusing the donated device.


Do check to see if it is still in working condition before deciding what to do with it

  • This is an important step as it will determine if your device can go to a re-furbisher to be reused by another individual or directly to a recycler where it will be broken down into components.


Remember, Rethink Reuse. 


Blog submitted by Chamber member Electronic Recycling Association (ERA) 

Jessica Lifely, Business Development and Marketing Manager,

Drop your e-waste off at any of our ERA locations this Waste Reduction Week and have a chance of winning a Laptop to donate to a charity of your choice. The equipment dropped off to any ERA location will be reused by less fortunate members of our own community. If not, it will be recycled in a professional, environmentally sustainable manner.

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