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Roofing in the Winter

02 March 2020

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While spring feels like it is right around the corner, we know that another blast of winter could be upon us. And currently, you suspect your business or house might have a leak in the roof. Whether the issue is a surprise, or you just didn’t get a roof replacement before the snow/melt came, you know the havoc moisture and water can wreak on your business or home. Will roofing contractors in Edmonton repair or replace your roof in the winter?

Winter roofing is possible, and some roofing contractors do offer this service. If you do discover a problem with your roof, you should not wait until spring to tackle it. Fixing the roof by yourself is not safe and you should call in a professional. They’ll know exactly what to look for and will have the experience and tools to fix it properly and safely. Plus, they’ll know how to remove the remaining snow and even break an ice dam without wrecking your gutters and shingles. Depending on the weather and the type of roof, you might even be able to get a full roof replacement in the winter.

Asphalt Roofs

Asphalt roofs can be installed in the winter, but singles will become hard and easier to break in the cold. A roofing contractor will have to take extra care when handling materials and watch that no moisture is trapped underneath the shingles when installing the roof in these conditions. If installed in the winter, additional roofing nails might be used to ensure extra protection from the harsh elements.

Low Slope/Flat Roofs

If you have a flat or low sloped roof, there are only certain roofing systems that can be effectively installed in the winter. Flat roofing companies in Edmonton can tell you about these thermoplastic single ply roofing products that use seams welded by hot air, instead of adhesives. Some adhesives will freeze in the cold and will fail prematurely.

Metal Roofs

Metal roofing contractors in Edmonton can easily install a metal roof in the winter. Snow, ice and water is easily shed from a metal roof, minimizing build up. They will use a breathable synthetic underlayment to ensure there is proper ventilation of the roof deck and that the roof itself is watertight. Cold weather will not cause metal roofing to crack like it does asphalt. Metal is also designed for contraction and expansion so the cold, though uncomfortable for the roofers, won’t make a difference to the roof itself.

Prior to picking a material, be sure to compare roofing materials to ensure it is meeting the needs of your business or home!


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