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COVID-19 & Mental Health

27 March 2020

Blog submitted by Powerful Play Experiences

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With COVID-19 now at the forefront of the minds of most Albertans, up-to-date and relevant information provided by our public health officials is essential. Accurate and vital information is driving home an increased sense of urgency to take preventative measures, and to put these measures into action.

Because the media is aware of everyone's increased sense of urgency, we are now seeing alarming news stories of peoples' hoarding behaviours at grocery stores and watching interviews of people experiencing tremendous levels of anxiety. The media has also strongly advising everyone to not move to a state of panic.

Hoarding behaviours? Anxiety? State of panic? Access a reputable and trusted health care resource, and you will see that these three conditions are recognized as mental illnesses. Is this surprising? Or something that you already know? Or new information all together?

As you continue to monitor the situation through timely updates, constant changes in information, and ongoing directives from public health officials, think: what impact might this be having on your daily mental health? Your mental wellness and well-being?

With growing global concerns around COVID-19, our health, safety and well-being are top priorities. For your reference below, I have included a collection of resources and guidelines provided by local public health officials.

I encourage everyone, myself included, to embrace a little bit of Positive Mental Health Self Care. After all, ensuring the highest quality of our daily positive mental health during these unprecedented times is equally as significant as our physical health. Now is the best time to start having real conversations about the impact that this situation is having on our psychological health and safety.


The Canadian Mental Health Association

On their website and social platforms, CMHA are offering daily posts highlighting tips and strategies for those with anxiety and stress related to COVID-19.

As one of Canada's most established community mental health organization, CMHA is a great source for information to help all of us during these unprecedented times.

Workplace Strategies for Mental Health, Compliments of Canada Life

From my experiences as a Mental Health Champion, this is an amazing and informative free resource available to us. If you have yet to do so, sign up for their newsletter to receive complimentary tools, resources, training and so much more to continuously support employee success.

As you review the above sources, remember to be your very own trusted source to help your during these stressful times. Be your very own trusted source to help and support others during these unprecedented times. And continue to be a mental health champion!


Recently, a colleague of mine in the Field of Career Development reached out to me on social media. Cindy, who lives with and manages depression and anxiety, wrote a most poignant definition of a Mental Health Champion. "Defining a mental health champion: We face adversity. We find ways to deal with it. We use the support we have around us. We speak our truth when things don't go well. We function in environments where disappointments can be inevitable. We move on. We validate our feelings. We look for ways to maintain our daily personal wellness. And yes, we are great!”

While this message may be direct, it’s an important one. It reminds us to continue to talk about the importance of mental health your loved ones, friends, colleagues and neighbours.

During these challenging times, another important message is help stop the spread. This past weekend, the provincial government released a video online featuring some of the most prominent people who call this province home, both past and present. All with the same message, help stop the spread.  

By sharing both messages, we ensure that an equal balance between our need for physical health and safety, as well as our need for psychological health and safety is top of mind with everyone. Afterall, we’re all in this together.


Blog submitted by Chamber Member Powerful Play Experiences

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