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Digital Transformation in Managed Print Services

08 September 2020

Blog submitted by PrinterWorks West

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Many individuals see the words Managed Print Services and automatically think hardware, installation, supplies and services. However, that is not the case! Technology is everchanging and in todays world it is all about digital transformation. Every company around the world has had to adjust their norms to comply with the new digital world. Managed Print Services has grown and emerged into the digital world by introducing software solutions to help companies save money and time.

A lot of businesses focus on the cost of producing the document rather than the cost of obtaining it. We are already ahead of this change, such as:

  1. Document management is computerized
  2. Paper workflows are now online
  3. Security is the number one priority
  4. Solutions address specific demands and constraints

Many companies are spending too much time on getting the job done. You may ask why? Well, it is because paper workflows depend greatly on admin time and effort. Procedures that should only take days end up taking weeks or possibly months. This increases your employee count throughout the office which then increases the paper, the supplies and even the employee time. This is because some companies can’t keep track of their print workflow.

Nowadays, companies do not have to struggle or exceed their budget by employing extra staff due to this issue. PrinterWorks West educates companies on the best print practices to ensure you have every tool you need to create a better workflow. We will enable you to work smarter, not harder.

HP has developed a list of solutions to help you in your digital transformation journey. Some of their solutions include ColorSave, HP Access Control, Security Manager, HP Smart Device Services: SDS and more.

HP Access Control provides the following features: Secure Pull Printing, Secure Authentication, Print Data Loss Prevention, Job Accounting, Rules-based printing, Client based Pull Printing and Email submission of jobs. For example, if the Human Resources office is printing off a letter of termination, the page will not print until you the person printing it is physically at the printer. This secures confidentiality within the workplace.

Just remember, your digital documents are as protected as the solutions you choose.

If you are looking for an MPS company that can provide you with reliable services and quick polished results in your digital transformation journey, contact Chamber Member, PrinterWorks West today.

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