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The Importance of Mentoring

23 October 2020

Blog submitted by Raj Manek Mentorship Program


The business landscape is complex and always changing. With the COVID-19 pandemic, navigating and maneuvering the business landscape can become particularly be more difficult. During these difficult times, it is even more important for small and medium-sized business owners to rely on and support each other. One way businesses can do this is through mentorship.  Here are a few reasons that highlight its importance:


New Perspectives and Insight

Mentoring allows protégés to look at situations and problems in different perspectives that otherwise they would have not thought of on their own. Likewise, protégés can give fresh new perspectives to their mentors on topics tailored more to their generation or something just completely new!


Developing Key Skills

A Mentor-Protégé relationship is mutually beneficial. Through the course of their relationship, both mentors and protégé will have the chance to develop key skills such as communication, active listening, and leadership.


Meaningful and long-lasting relationships

A successful mentor and protégé match gives both parties a chance to a long-lasting and meaningful relationship. Mentors and protégés can collaborate and discuss ideas or resources needed to maintain a successful business during the course of their career.


Expanding connections and networks

Cultivating networks is critical in career progression. Mentoring gives mentors an opportunity to build their network while supporting their protégés to expand theirs. Mentors can put protégés in touch with someone who can help their business more successful or guide them in solving their business problems.


Personal satisfaction and confidence

As humans, we are inclined to help others in need. Mentors can help protégés build their confidence to make better decisions. For protégés, just knowing they have a credible mentor to turn to when difficult business situations arise can help build their confidence. Mentors praising protégés whenever they make good decisions can also be helpful for their confidence. As such, mentors also build personal satisfaction knowing they have made a difference in someone else’s life.

At the Raj Manek Mentorship Program, mentors and protégés meet regularly each month for the course of one year. The Raj Manek Team follows up quarterly with mentors and protégés to ensure the match is going well. If there is any particular area, the mentor is not comfortable with, the Raj Manek Mentorship Program also provides resources to help protégés.


If you are interested to reap the benefits of mentoring, you can become a mentor or a protégé with the Raj Manek Mentorship Program. If you have any more questions related to the program, please do not hesitate to contact 780.758.1189. You can also sign up through the mentor registration portal or the protégé registration portal.


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