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Remote Work = Increased Cybercrime

17 November 2020

Blog submitted by PrinterWorks West


How safe is your data? In these challenging times, cyber criminals are more active than ever. With so many Canadian employees working remotely, the opportunities for these cyber threat actors to hack increase exponentially. Without serious precautions taken to ensure the protection of the office network, your business data becomes even more vulnerable.

Your printers and copiers can also become targets for cybercrime. Take the appropriate steps to protect the data of your imaging devices by implementing the correct security measures.


Top 3 tips to ensure your data isn’t hacked:

Dispose of and Destroy Old Hard Drives

Nowadays, most devices have hard drives to store important documents, copiers and printers are no different. The hard drive of a copier and printer would be used to store your print jobs and other information running through the device. When it comes to disposing of these devices, we recommend that you destroy the data on the hard drives first. There are many companies out there that will destroy the data from your devices for a small fee. One company that destroy’s hard drives is called Shred-it. For more information on this company, visit their website here.

Once the hard drive is destroyed you can donate the device to a local Non-Profit or Charity of your choice.


User Authentication for your Printers and Copiers

Implementing user authentication is an excellent way to ensure internal security. As a business owner, this means you will have a handle on everything that is being printed or sent through email. It allows you to determine if anyone is sending anything that shouldn’t be going out.


Purchase Hardware with Advanced Security

Most manufacturers take security very seriously and design devices with built-in protection including Hewlett Packard (HP), which states it has the world’s most secure printers and copiers. HP offers a solution called HP JetAdvantage Security Manager. This solution can do the hard work of securing your print fleet so you don't have to. The most comprehensive printing security solution on the market, HP Security Manager helps you easily establish a fleet-wide security policy, ensure compliance, and protect your workflow—all while safeguarding the information that keeps your company running. For more information, check out their website here.


PrinterWorks West works with you to ensure your resources are allocated properly by analyzing your printed document processes. By analyzing the metrics, we can help you understand your existing print environment and the true cost of your document production across the entire enterprise. We help you to take control of your print fleet and optimize it to work more effectively for your business and your bottom line.

If you would like to learn more about Managed Print Services, please feel free to contact PrinterWorks.

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