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Storytelling is your business too. Invest in your company story—ESG

05 February 2021

Blog submitted by Lea Storry, Our Corporate History


You may run a multinational corporation or own a one-person company serving Edmonton—but no matter what, storytelling is your business, too. As Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) reporting becomes part of the fabric of companies, businesses are increasingly looking to show they’re more than financial results. ESG draws a company’s whole picture: its impact on the environment, workers, communities, and society.


Sharing your corporate stories through ESG is a way to connect with investors, clients, staff, and the public. You’re telling your audience what your company stands for and how it connects to them. The best part about corporate storytelling is that you already have the material.


How do you start?

How about with your roots. Share how you started your business. Maybe you began with an idea and 20 bucks in your pocket and now, you run a successful company that sponsors local athletes. Maybe you’re the CEO of a corporation that has switched up its best practices to become more environmentally friendly. Include anecdotes from the top level of your company, down.


Show, don’t tell.

One of the most common pieces of advice for writers is, “Show, don’t tell.” So, share your stories and why people should invest in your business, whether that’s monetary or brand support. Show them how your business makes a positive contribution to society and will continue to do this.


Past, present, and future.

Your ESG narrative is not only for looking back but for looking to the future. Present generations can read about what their predecessors did and understand the steps they took to get the business to where it is today. In this way, corporate histories are succession and transition tools. They provide insight into the company, backed by real-life experiences.


Businesses spend a lot of time creating products and services, and they work hard to survive amid the busts and booms. Your company has proven brand endurance and stability. Your history is your reputation. Why not share it?

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