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BIE Feature: March

Premier Built Garages

Premier Built Garages

13 Years in Business  

Submitted by Aaron Woods, Sales and Marketing—Premier Built Garages

What’s your story?  

We are a builder of detached garages and garage suites servicing the Edmonton region.   

Originally, we started out as a framing company supporting home builders and we dabbled in new home construction. About nine years ago we stepped into the garage world and have not looked back. We have worked hard to carve out our niche as an educated and experienced business with extensive knowledge in new home construction and carpentry. We are a large volume custom garage builder focusing on quality, integrity, and reliability. 

Most other companies are one-man "jack of all trades" that run job by job trying to finance their business and their family. Instead, we focus on hiring educated and experienced staff, employing experienced and trained tradespeople, and partnering with reputable and reliable suppliers. People constantly tell us they want a company they can trust, and we strive to ensure that we are not only qualified, but we exceed expectations and needs. We believe this is what brings us success every day.  

Today, we only focus on constructing detached garages and garage suitesThis focus has allowed us to build over 5000 garages (and counting) in the Capital region and enables us to provide the service and dedication we would expect of anybody we would hire. Our goal is not to be the best at everything, but to lead and grow the garage industry by providing a stress-free and transparent garage build to homeowners. 


What do you enjoy most about being a member of the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce? 

We enjoy the access to great opportunities, benefits, and support structure. Joining the Chamber of Commerce has given us access to new businesses and allowed us community input that we never knew we could get. Also, our team really enjoys taking advantage of the benefits and promotions provided to members. 


What is one thing people are surprised to learn about your business? 

People are surprised that we are not a one-man show, and that we only focus on building new detached garages. Most customers are expecting to talk to the guy that is building the garage and maybe their fence or basement. When they talk to us, they are constantly impressed by our vast knowledge and experience. We are the only ones doing it the way we do it and our customers get the reliability and integrity they expect with an unmatched experience and resultsWe like to think we are a breath of fresh air for the garage industry. 


Who is your ideal client? 

Anybody that needs a detached garage or garage suite built or replaced. Not just individual homeowners, but property investors, multifamily project builders, and commercial builders. If you are looking for a garage type accessory building to be constructed, we can build it. 


What has been your biggest challenge in business, and how did you overcome it? 

Finding those first big contracts and getting established with long-term business partnerships was the challenge that would make or break our business. We found a solution that helped us assist other companies and streamline their business. By doing this we also learned from their experiences, which allowed us to provide the product they needed.  


What is your favourite thing to do in Edmonton? 

Enjoy the festivities. Edmonton is a lively place with so many unique events, beautiful parks, and facilities it's hard not to find something new or fun to do. Whether it is the fringe festival, Taste of Edmonton, Ice on Whyte, or any of the hundreds of other events that go on every year, people know how to create and entertain in this City. We deeply missed it in 2020. 


If you could make one substantial improvement to Edmonton’s business environment, what would it be? 

Get the media to expose the positive impacts of profitable organizations and what optimism can do for an economy. We all do what we can to help not-for-profits and save the environment, but none of that happens without a working engine. We need to focus on what a good local economy does for the greater good and amplify that message rather than focus on the negative. Talk about the positive impacts a company makes when it hires more staff, adapts to stay in business, and is leading by example. A positive message enhances a struggling economy and allows us to achieve goals even during a pandemic or recession. 

Edmonton has a unique business community and we want to highlight hardworking Edmontonians who have a story to tell. Each month, we feature a member or two in the Business In Edmonton Magazine and take an opportunity to share their story and find out why they enjoy doing what they do. Follow along each month as we feature members while helping amplify their stories on our website and social media platforms.

If you are interested in this opportunity to be highlighted as a Chamber Member, please contact our Member Services team at

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