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Accelerated Reopening Will Get Albertans Back to Work

26 May 2021

“The Edmonton Chamber is gratified that the Government of Alberta is accelerating their thoughtful, phased-in approach to reopening our economy.” said Janet Riopel, President and CEO of the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce, “This is great news for our small businesses who are eager to reopen and welcome their customers back.”


“We’ve seen case numbers decrease rapidly in recent weeks, and we need to keep the momentum going to ensure we stay on track for a full reopening this summer.” said Riopel, “Getting vaccinated is the best way to ensure more businesses can relaunch and more Albertans can get back to work.”


“Ending the work from home requirement in Stage 2 will help give a much-needed boost to businesses in our commercial and industrial centres, and our downtown core.” said Riopel, “Many businesses operate on thin margins and depend heavily on foot traffic, so they are especially vulnerable to the ripple effects of lockdowns and changing guidelines. Businesses rely on other businesses for success – it’s a synergistic and supportive ecosystem.”


“We appreciate the Government of Alberta extending support programs into June.” said Riopel, “While many businesses will be able to reopen soon, many others will remain closed until Stages 2 or 3. We’re gratified the Province is ensuring these companies won’t be left behind.”


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