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Edmonton Chamber of Commerce employees return to office full time

March 9, 2022


The Edmonton Chamber of Commerce team will return to the World Trade Centre full time. With COVID19 case numbers dropping and the easing of pandemic restrictions provincially, Chamber staff were notified today that return to in-office work would commence April 11th.

Located in the heart of downtown, the Chamber plays a critical role in business advocacy and community vibrancy. We are a dedicated team of city builders and are committed to leading by example. Our cafés, restaurants, corner stores and hubs of activity have struggled for over two years to survive the pandemic. By bringing our staff back to work, we hope to contribute to their recovery and success. Local business relies on transit, foot traffic and the leadership and support of the broader business community.

“I’m looking forward to working in-person with the Chamber team and leading by example. It’s my hope that other organizations both within the core and throughout the city will follow our lead. Our business communities are most successful when we create opportunities for collaboration, collisions and networking.” stated Jeffrey Sundquist, Edmonton Chamber President and CEO.

The Edmonton Chamber encourages all businesses to begin a return-to-work plan and we are optimistic this is the right time. We also encourage business to support the diversity of need of its’ employees, as we reinvigorate our business communities. Our economic recovery depends on our ability to create networks and bring vibrancy to our business districts.

Media Contact

Celeste Peterson

Senior Communications Advisor


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