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Arts, Tourism, and Hospitality Committee

Arts, Tourism, and Hospitality Committee

The tourism and visitor economy is a vital part of the Edmonton Region’s vibrancy and prosperity, as is its major driver: the arts, entertainment, and recreation industry. The Arts, Tourism and Hospitality Committee focuses on what the sector needs to sustain operations in the future, chart economic recovery and showcase the Edmonton Region to residents and the world. 

The areas monitored by the Committee include but are not limited to food service, accommodation, arts and culture, events, tourism, and the visitor economy. 


Brittney Roy, BKRx Inc. 


Sally Kim, Edmonton Arts Council 


Amber Rooke, The Works International Visual Arts Society 

Anastasia Arabia, Trend Research 

Michael Zaugg, Pro Coro Canada 

Nicole Medeiros, KEEN Creative

Peter Ogilvie, Edmonton Destination Marketing Hotels Ltd 

Roxanne Kasianchuk, Ferguson Moving and Storage

Shannon McEwan, Explore Edmonton

Shawna Harline, Robertson College

This committee has shaped recommendations in Chamber advocacy throughout a number of documents this year from committee-specific letters to budget and election statements. Some of the recommendations this committee helped us make to government include: 

  • Implement a video game tax credit competitive with other Canadian jurisdictions. 
  • Work with industry and relevant groups to take action that establishes our region as an e-sports centre and supports the strength we have in the sector. 
  • Invest in arts and tourism through support for events and major conferences. 
  • Work with post-secondary institutions and industry groups to expand opportunities to support the arts and tourism industries through educational programs. 
  • Collaborate with the City of Edmonton to establish a direct bus route between downtown and the airport. 
  • Work with the City of Edmonton to expand transportation services, connect business districts, and improve transit safety. 
  • Support Edmonton’s arts, sports and culture sector through investment in infrastructure, festivals, and events. 

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