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Congratulations to Amarjeet Sohi and Councillors

The Edmonton Chamber of Commerce, on behalf of the business community it represents, congratulates mayor elect Amarjeet Sohi and all councillors elect throughout the city’s twelve wards.

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A Primer on Alberta’s Equalization Referendum

On October 18th Albertans will go to the polls to elect new mayors, reeves and municipal councillors. Also on the ballot will be two referendum questions: one on whether or not to remain on Daylight Saving Time year-round; and the other addressing whether the principle of equalization payments should be removed from Canada’s constitution.

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Insurability: The Long Term Impacts of a Cyber Attack

If your business has been a victim of a cyber attack, you are well aware that the immediate priorities are to resume operations as quickly as possible and protect your information, requiring engaging with emergency cyber security consultants or paying a ransom. Your next step will be to invest in cyber security or increase your current safeguards.

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From Challenge to Change: 2021 Federal Election Platform

The COVID-19 pandemic caused unprecedented challenges for Canadian businesses, communities, and governments. It affected nearly all aspects of our lives, from placing immense pressure on our businesses, to exposing socioeconomic inequalities in our society.

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BIE July Feature: SureHire Inc.

The need for accurate, proactive, and efficient screening spurred Kyle Powell and John Hawes’ development of SureHire in 2003. Since then, SureHire has revolutionized the occupational testing industry across Canada and into the United States by offering a host of testing services that promote worker safety.

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8 Powerful Benefits of Sanitizing & Disinfecting

It’s no secret that sanitizing and disinfecting have dominated our lexicon since the pandemic. But regardless of the climate, it has always been highly beneficial to use cleaning products frequently. Although most people will use products to clean up a mess, it is ideal to use them as part of a regular routine in a more preventive manner.

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