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Energy, Environment, and Natural Resources Committee

Energy, Environment, and Natural Resources Committee

The Energy, Environment and Natural Resources Committee focuses on policies that support Edmonton’s energy and resource sectors while recognizing the impact those sectors have on the environment. The Committee aims to balance economic and environmental considerations and remains keenly aware of local, national and global trends that impact our industries. 

The areas monitored by the Committee include but are not limited to energy market access, energy and environmental policy and regulation, forestry, agriculture and mining developments, innovation, research and development and artificial intelligence. 


Stacey Schorr, Direct Energy 


Derek Hollman, EPCOR 


Bill Ross, Verceta 

David MacLean, Alberta Industrial Heartland Association (AIHA) 

Gord Rajewski, Pinchin Ltd 

Greg Caldwell, ATCO 

Jason Comandante, Capital Power 

Russ Bell, Russ Bell & Associates 

Ryan Leskiw, NAIT 

Sean Collins, Varme 

Sheila Smigarowski, TEC Canada

Vanessa Marshall, Jack59 Inc.

This committee has shaped recommendations in Chamber advocacy throughout a number of documents this year from committee-specific letters to budget and election statements. Some of the recommendations this committee helped us make to government include:

  • Ensure Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) regulations are incentivizing investment and development by completing a comprehensive review of RNG regulations in consultation with industry. 
  • Ensure strong investment in Alberta carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS) projects. 
  • Enhance the Alberta Petrochemical Incentive Program (APIP).
  • Enhance retrofit programs to support homeowners and businesses with rising energy costs. 
  • Invest in geological and mineral mapping. 
  • Enhance workforce skills in critical mineral development at every stage of development. 
  • Enhance Indigenous involvement in mineral exploration and development. 
  • Support critical mineral production by incentivizing private sector investment. 
  • Continuing to develop Alberta’s world leading natural gas strategy, including maximizing Alberta’s hydrogen potential. 

This committee guided additional Chamber work including: 

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