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From Challenge to Change

2021 Federal Election Platform


The COVID-19 pandemic caused unprecedented challenges for Canadian businesses, communities, and governments. It affected nearly all aspects of our lives, from placing immense pressure on our businesses, to exposing socioeconomic inequalities in our society.

As we start to reopen the economy, sound policy initiatives and action by government are imperative to ensure a successful economic recovery. This requires policies that foster economic growth and a competitive business environment while promoting the health and well-being of citizens.

The Edmonton and Calgary Chambers of Commerce have united to speak with one voice on how we can rebuild stronger and ensure a prosperous future for our country. We have identified and developed priorities and recommendations designed to transform challenges of the past into positive change for the future.

From Challenge
to Change

Together we can build a Canada that is prosperous, inclusive,
and even stronger than before.

Policy Pillars and Recommendations

Economic Recovery and Diversification


#1: Support businesses as they recover from COVID-19.

#2: Support our economic recovery through inclusive economic growth, promoting a business environment of inclusion and expanding economic opportunity for marginalized and underrepresented groups.

#3: Diversify the economy by encouraging innovation and removing hurdles to scaling up emerging technologies.

#4: Through an independent comprehensive review, examine the federal government’s response to the pandemic.

Talent, Skills, and Jobs

#5: Identify and address skill gaps to ensure we have a strong labour force that is prepared for the future economy.

#6: Invest in the development and improvement of infrastructure across all provinces.

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Environment and Climate

#7: Invest in Canada’s emissions reduction and decarbonization technologies, with Alberta at the epicentre of innovation as we transition to a lower-carbon economy.

#8: Strengthen Canada’s position as a leader in providing solutions to address climate change on the world stage.

Finance and Taxation

#9: Continue to focus on long-term fiscal planning and key fiscal guardrails, particularly as we transition away from COVID-19 support programs.

#10: Review the Canadian tax system to strengthen long-term global competitiveness.

#11: Review and revise Canada’s system of fiscal transfers.


Trade and Market Access

#12: Aggressively dismantle interprovincial trade barriers to facilitate the movement of people and goods.

#13: Facilitate access to emerging international markets for both traditional and non-traditional industries.

#14: Foster competitiveness and level the trade playing field through tax fairness and smart regulation.

The implementation of these recommendations
should be executed with the aim of:

1. Providing certainty and stability for businesses and those that they serve and employ.

2. Facilitating inclusive growth and expanding our economy by bringing more equity-seeking groups to the table.

3. Encouraging collaboration between all orders of government as well as strategically leveraging the tools and
resources at each level of government to support our economy.

A Prosperous Future for All Canadians

We face a long and difficult road to rebuild our economy. Rather than to simply recover what was lost due to COVID-19, we must develop a path towards a more robust, stable, and inclusive economy.

With national and international economies recovering and evolving, we have a critical opportunity to reimagine our future and reach our potential. We at the Edmonton and Calgary Chambers of Commerce believe these priorities and recommendations offer a comprehensive outline for how Canada can turn challenge into change.

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