The Edmonton Chamber team is an energetic, member-focused group of individuals who are always happy to hear from you. We provide direct support and value by advocating, educating and connecting businesses. Contact our team if you have questions about membership, policy positions, events or advertising opportunities. We look forward to connecting with members and finding ways to help wherever we can.

Janet Riopel

President and CEO

Brent Francis

Director, Advocacy and Outreach

Scott Channon

Director, Marketing and Communications

Christen Rumbles

Director, Finance

Amin Samji

Director, Member Services

Eric Wagner

Export Trade Program Manager

Lisa Rau

Manager, Governance and Administration

Erin Burns

Member Services Representative

Harjeet Kaur

Member Services Representative

Nicole Parisian

Member Relations Coordinator

Rainer Kocsis

Policy and Research Analyst

Ben Li

Policy and Research Analyst

Cadence Bergman

Policy and Research Analyst

Lisa Blahey

Advocacy and Outreach Communications Lead

Emma Clark

Events Lead

Sarah Morin

Events Coordinator

Nicole Ralph

Sponsorship and Partnership

Heather Hornung

Marketing and Communications Lead

Sean Trayner

Multimedia Design Lead

Katie Schlender

Conference Centre Assistant

Live Jamani

Accounting Assistant

Brooklyn Kilgour

Administrative Assistant