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Federal Budget 2022: A small step toward recovery

The Edmonton Chamber of Commerce is encouraged to see thoughtful investment in Budget 2022. While there is still work to do, the budget outlines steps towards economic recovery from the pandemic.  

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Municipal Face Covering Bylaw

We are writing today on behalf of our members regarding the City of Edmonton Face Covering Bylaw
which remains in place as the provincial requirements end on March 1st, 2022. Like the views expressed on the ending of the Restrictions Exemption Program, most businesses would prefer to see the municipal Face Covering Bylaw repealed in coordination with the provincial program, although some of our members have shared different perspectives on this issue.

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Deaf & Hear Alberta: An Open Letter to Alberta Businesses

I don’t need to tell you that communication plays a crucial role in every facet of business. Without communication, people could not share innovative ideas or relay information that could save lives. We rely on communication to book appointments, order products, develop strategies and recruit talent. Communication is essential for survival!

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Federal Budget 2022

The impacts of the global pandemic continue to affect businesses although 2021 has brought recovery. Businesses are dealing with uncertainty and volatility, changing regulations and supply chain disruptions. Some sectors, such as hospitality, tourism and the arts continue to face major barriers to their normal operations.

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Edmonton Chamber optimistic as Budget 2022 announced.

The Edmonton Chamber of Commerce is cautiously optimistic about today’s balanced budget and
congratulates the Government on its strong emphasis on diversification, and commitment to workforce
development. One of the most pressing issues for business is labour attraction and retention.
Businesses are facing significant challenges in the labour market and need more support to help them
attract, train, and retain skilled workers.

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Can your culture be your COVID success story?

“What’s your covid success story?” I was taken aback by the question as I hadn’t really considered it. My instant response was, “helping people find themselves as we emerge; helping businesses step away from the starting line that the vaccination gave us and rebuilding corporate culture with forward thinking businesses.” It sounds like I had an answer planned, but this is really how I feel.

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Is it time to reconsider what a successful educational pathway looks like?

Stats Canada indicates that we have seen an average unemployment rate of ~10.5% between March 2020 and November of 2021. As we look ahead to the arduous process of post-pandemic economic recovery, employees need to know what will help them flourish in a transforming job market.

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Municipal Vaccination Passport Program

We provide this correspondence from the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce, on behalf of our members. We would like to express concern relating to the potential city council decision to bring in a bylaw that would require a municipal proof of vaccination program to go into effect for public spaces and private enterprise.

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Provincial Budget Recommendations

The Alberta economy is showing some encouraging early signs of recovering from the shocks of the pandemic although there are continued risks that the recovery could be uneven and interrupted by future waves of COVID-19 or by changes to global market forces.

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