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Joint Letter – Spring 2024 Supplemental Operating Budget Adjustment 

Edmonton’s business community – as represented by the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce, UDI–Metro, and BOMA Edmonton – are deeply concerned about the proposed tax increases of 8.7% in 2024, 7.0% in 2025, and 6.4% in 2026, as outlined in the April 23, 2024, Financial and Corporate Services report FCS02361.

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Box 45 on T4s – What You Need to Know

Member Submission Box 45 on T4s – What You Need to Know Submitted by KBH – Chartered Professional Accountants  March 2, 2024 If you fill out your own T4s, you may notice a new box, box 45. Here’s a brief explainer with everything you need to know so you can fill out your employee’s T4s…

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Statement from President & CEO Jeffrey Sundquist

With the federal election behind us, Edmontonians are preparing to hit the polls once more to decide the future direction of our city. In anticipation of the municipal election, we reached out to our members to understand the primary concerns of local businesses as they continue to navigate a long road towards a robust recovery.

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Edmonton Chamber Celebrates $1.2 Billion Dollar Investment

Yesterday, Senior Vice President of Qualico Properties, Mike Saunders, announced the next significant stage of the Station Lands development. At full build-out, this development will invest $1.2 billion into the downtown core and provide housing, business opportunities, and community amenities.

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Edmonton’s Advocacy Efforts for a Safer Community

Over the past few months, the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce has been hearing from our members both within the downtown core and across the city that safety and security are urgent issues you are facing.

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Edmonton Businesses Supporting Ukraine

Throughout the world people and businesses are faced with the impacts of the war in Ukraine.

As we come together and try to process the evolving situation, Edmontonians are offering their support to Ukraine in several ways, and the Edmonton Chamber wants to assist in spreading the word on these initiatives.

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