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Our way towards sustainable packaging

Submitted by Sabroso Foods

February 22, 2022


Over the past few years, packaging has become ubiquitous in all aspects of daily life and an indispensable element in the food and beverage industry. Currently, there are important efforts in Canada to produce or change the choice of substrates used in the large-scale packaging manufacturing process. Each company, big or small, can implement initiatives towards creating a tangible, measurable and positive impact on the environment. 


As part of Sabroso Foods’ values of integrity and smart simplicity, we are committed to the environmental impact of our import and distribution processes. During the past years, we have implemented the reuse of cardboard boxes. Nowadays, this initiative has made more sense because of our expansion process to increase our market reach. Having a wide variety of wholesale products, we must take care of each step of our supply chain. From the imported goods we get from Colombia, we reuse as many cardboard boxes as possible and repurpose them to distribute products sold in bulk according to each client’s request in Canada’s Food & Beverage Industry. The boxes are re-marked to indicate it is a reused box and what new product it contains. 


We understand the contamination impact that can arise from the widespread use of single-use packaging and the heavy burden on the environment. Addressing these factors has become a primary part of Sabroso Foods to both minimize our waste and contribute to the waste management cycle within our supply and distribution operations. 


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