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Deaf & Hear Alberta: An Open Letter to Alberta Businesses

Submitted by Deaf & Hear Alberta

February 25, 2022


Dear Alberta Businesses: 

I don’t need to tell you that communication plays a crucial role in every facet of business. Without communication, people could not share innovative ideas or relay information that could save lives. We rely on communication to book appointments, order products, develop strategies and recruit talent. Communication is essential for survival! 

There are an estimated 3.15 million Canadians who are hard of hearing and 340,000 Canadians who are Deaf. Their biggest challenge in life is communication.  

What if I were to tell you that providing communication access for any person – whether an employee, customer, or client – is simple, affordable, and beneficial to your business? Think about the positive reviews your business would receive because you provide solutions for those who struggle with communication every day?  

This move would show you are thinking intelligently and strategically.  You know that our diverse population includes people with varying abilities and challenges. Deaf and hard of hearing Albertans contribute to our economy and are an untapped pool of talent. Why wouldn’t you offer them simple accommodations? 

Deaf & Hear Alberta has some accomplished Deaf and hard of hearing professionals on the Board of directors. They can tell you about the many communication barriers they faced and still encounter in Alberta.  


What for? 

Are we, the hearing population, superior in some way? What gives us the right to say,  

“No, I will not provide access to this insignificant population.
It’s their problem. They need to figure it out.” 

Doesn’t that go against the Alberta Human Rights Act? Would you, as a business owner, ever deny accessible spaces to Albertans with physical disabilities? I think not. 

I believe most Alberta business owners are denying communication access unwittingly. I believe there needs to be more education and awareness. I believe it can start with this letter. 

Deaf & Hear Alberta is a nonprofit organization that is passionate about communication. We know that Deaf and hard of hearing Albertans are people just like you and me. Their only difference is they can’t hear, and that makes communication either very difficult or impossible in the hearing world. 

We offer businesses technical solutions that are easy to use and that enable Deaf and hard of hearing Albertans to be included in society.   


Start the conversation with us today!


Rosemary Craig for Deaf & Hear Alberta 

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