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The Power of Leveraging SEO and Social Media

Submitted by Chelsea Lagos, SEO & Social Media Marketing

October 11, 2022

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For large and small businesses alike, the concept of marketing - and the right marketing - can be intimidating.

To most, it’s a cerebral concept; of course you want your business to be on the first page of Google. Of course you want to have plenty of engaged followers on Instagram and Facebook. Yet - how to get there? The actionable steps can be unclear.

In this piece, we’re going to unpack a little of the ‘how to get there’ and dive into how interconnected the concepts of SEO and Social Media really are.

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What Is SEO, Anyway?

SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is a powerful, organic marketing strategy that aims to improve and optimize websites with the goal of increasing traffic, increasing the site’s ranking in search engine results, and ultimately boosting conversion.

At a granular level, a robust SEO strategy will focus on ranking specific keywords directly related to your business or brand (that your ideal customer is regularly searching for) with online content. This content usually takes the form of blog and website copy.

With time and effort, choosing the right keywords that the right ideal customer is searching for may increase your ranking on Google and/or Bing. This is the goal!

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How SEO and Social Media Work Together

Social Media won’t necessarily boost your Google rankings in the search results - not directly, anyway - but it serves the grander purpose of getting your content in front of people.

It’s not enough to publish a blog, you’ve got to spread the news that you’ve got some news! Social Media is the tool for this - and it’s totally free.

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Repurposing Web Content For Social Media:

Recycling content is an easy and meaningful way to bridge the gap between what lives on your website and what lives on your social media channels.

It’s also very Meta - if you’ll pardon the pun! Social media is a powerful tool to promote your recent blog posts, newsletters, and generally get people talking about your business. Repurposing content from said blogs, newsletters, and other assets makes this promotion that much easier.

When we discuss recycling content, here’s what we mean on an actionable level: blog posts and newsletters will, naturally, be chock-full of great paragraphs, sentences, and snappy headlines.

These are easily transplanted over to social media captions and graphics by the following methods:

  • Using the headline as your social media caption or within a graphic. You can refine it and make it more natural to read as a social media caption.
  • Creating a question around what the content is. Take the blog post you’re working with and step outside of it for a moment - what’s a ‘natural next step’ query that one of your ideal customers would have about it? Your content is the answer.
  • Pulling a direct quote from the content. Do you have a powerful paragraph or sentence that you’re proud of? Put a set of quotation marks around it, post it on your socials as a graphic or caption, and let it continue to earn its keep.

All posts with the above in mind should have a compelling ‘call to action’ (also known as a CTA) to click through to the link in the post.

Want to make life easier? Use a tool like Buffer or Hootsuite to schedule your posts, and try to compile enough posts to schedule 3 to 4 times per week.

Topical vs. Evergreen Content:

It’s important to be aware of what sort of content you’re posting.

Evergreen content is not dependent upon the time of year, it is always relevant and can be repurposed more than once!


Topical content is solely dependent upon the time of year and upon what's happening in your business. For example, a birthday shout out to an employee or a Halloween contest is a great example of a piece of topical content.

Topical content can be manually posted in between these scheduled, evergreen posts. A good mix creates an engaging social media feed that your customers can relate to.

Key takeaways:

  • Start crafting out what your ideal customer is searching for on the internet - and start implementing these words and phrases into your content in an organic, compelling way.
  • Develop a blog strategy that serves the dual purpose of educating your customer base and of continuously signaling to search engines that hey, they know what they’re talking about!
  • Have these blog posts earn their keep by repurposing quotes, headers, and asking thoughtful questions in social media posts - with a compelling CTA to drill down into the article link.
  • Enlist the help of a scheduling tool like Buffer and Hootsuite, this ensures your mind stays on growing your business - not on your phone!

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