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Finance, Budget, and Regulation Committee

Finance, Budget, and Regulation Committee

The Finance, Budget and Regulation Committee focuses on taxation, fiscal issues, insurance and regulation, procurement and development. The Committee monitors the fiscal activities of all levels of government and considers current macroeconomic conditions and trends. 

The areas monitored by the Committee include but are not limited to fiscal policies and programs, tax policies and laws, insurance laws and regulations, procurement regulations, and municipal zoning and development. 


Farooq Ahmed, Rotaflow 


Angela McDow, Info-Tech 


Brad Leonard, KV Capital

Jason Maltais, Equitus Partners LLP 

Jeremy Hamelin, Quickfire Mortgage 

JR Figueiredo, Edward Jones

Kathy Bonazew, MNP  

Keith Hennel, Dentons 

Dr. Rupak Sarma, Deloitte

Tim Morrison, Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) 

Valerie Rodriguez, PWC 

Vamsi Vinakari, Scotiabank 

This committee has shaped recommendations in Chamber advocacy throughout a number of documents this year from committee-specific letters to budget and election statements. Some of the recommendations this committee helped us make to government include:

  • Adopt a fiscal anchor and a long-term plan that is committed to debt repayment and investing future surpluses. The plan should include clear definitions, performance tracking, and reporting measures.
  • Appoint an independent panel of experts to complete a comprehensive review of how government is funded and provide recommendations on current and potential sources of revenue. 
  • Investments in, and commitment to, reducing the barriers to accessing housing across the spectrum. 
  • Support not-for-profit agencies with stable and predictable funding and consult stakeholders to ensure resources are maximized. 


This committee guided additional Chamber work including: 

Contact & Media Inquiries

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