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7 ways meditation and music can boost your health

Meditation and music are two calming and transformative activities that can be good for your health in multiple ways. Research studies have shown that both practices have beneficial effects on your mind, body and emotions.

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5 Ways Springtime Renewal Can Promote Health and Happiness

Spring is the season of hope, transformation and renewal in cultures around the world. To our delight, the sun slowly warms us, the days lengthen, the air seems fresher and cleaner, seeds are sown in freshly turned soil and plants start to grow.

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Why retirement living remains a safe choice during COVID-19

Member Submission Back Why retirement living remains a safe choice during COVID-19 20 January 2021 Blog submitted by Chartwell Retirement Residences As the impact of COVID-19 continues to affect people around the globe, some people have concerns about the safety of congregate living during such an uncertain time. Here’s how retirement residences can actually help…

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How to Overcome “Pandemic Fatigue”

Member Submission Back How to Overcome “Pandemic Fatigue” 16 December 2020 Blog submitted by CHARTWELL retirement residences Here’s a new term none of us could have imagined six months ago: “pandemic fatigue.” Or another name for it: “caution fatigue”—the idea that we’re now exhausted by the number of decisions we have to make each day to…

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