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Unlocking the economic potential of trade—2021 Federal Platform: From Challenge to Change

The Canadian federation is complex with much variation between provinces in laws, regulations, permits, licences and other rules. Differences impede interprovincial trade flows and labour mobility, increase operational costs, reduce efficiency and limit investment. They also reduce consumer choice and lower Canada’s productivity.

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Chamber Advocacy Yields Results

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, your Chamber of Commerce has
advocated forcefully and effectively to ensure governments understood just what was happening to your business – and how they might best assist you.

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The Importance of Air Market Access

News Back The Importance of Air Market Access 01 August 2021 Edmonton International Airport, or EIA as it’s commonly known, is among the most important assets in the Edmonton Metropolitan Region when it comes to economic development and growth. In short—EIA helps move our people, products and services to markets around the world.   EIA is a logistics…

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