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Municipal Priorities for a Competitive Edmonton

With the federal election behind us, Edmontonians are preparing to hit the polls once more to decide the future direction of our city. In anticipation of the municipal election, we reached out to our members to understand the primary concerns of local businesses as they continue to navigate a long road towards a robust recovery.

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Unlocking the economic potential of trade—2021 Federal Platform: From Challenge to Change

The Canadian federation is complex with much variation between provinces in laws, regulations, permits, licences and other rules. Differences impede interprovincial trade flows and labour mobility, increase operational costs, reduce efficiency and limit investment. They also reduce consumer choice and lower Canada’s productivity.

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Building connections to build potential—2021 Federal Platform: From Challenge to Change

There is a global battle for talent as businesses and governments around the world recognize growth of skills and people are vital to innovation and economic prosperity. With immigration forecasted to be the key driver of Canada’s population growth over the next 50 years, building a labour force that develops, attracts, and retains world-class skills and abilities is imperative.

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Striking a Balance: pandemic recovery and fiscal sustainability—2021 Federal Platform: From Challenge to Change

Governments in Canada responded swiftly to the crisis of the global pandemic with programs to support Canadians and businesses and prevent further economic hardship. This spending, while vital, was also costly. The increased debt and deficit resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic response will present a challenge to government budgets for years to come.

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Why an inclusive recovery matters—2021 Federal Platform: From Challenge to Change

News, Policy Back Why an inclusive recovery matters—2021 Federal Platform: From Challenge to Change 31 August 2021 Throughout the pandemic, many groups have faced major challenges. Higher unemployment rates for South Asian, Arab, Indigenous and Black Canadians compared to the average. The burden of unpaid private childcare and job loss falling on women. Systemic discrimination and oppression against Black people and Indigenous…

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