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April 15

3 safety considerations for a basement development

15 April 2019

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If you’re thinking about basement renovations in Edmonton, a smart remodeling plan should include a few safety considerations. Here are three:


Safe electrical work

If basement builders are demolishing an older basement remodel, they might find some old wiring that was improperly installed. It’s important that all the wiring in the basement is inspected to ensure it’s up-to-date, installed properly and safe. Faulty wiring is a major safety hazard and a major cause of house fires in North America.

While the electrician is working on your basement development, include lighting at the top and bottom of the stairs in the plan. They should also install a switch at both the top and bottom of the stairs, so you can turn the light on and off in both directions. It might seem like a simple installation, but well-lit stairs can prevent falls.


Windows that allow safe exit

You should install basement windows that are big enough for people to escape out of in case of an emergency like a fire. This is especially important for basement bedrooms and specific window height is required to be compliant to building code. The windows should also open easily from the inside and not be obstructed in any way. If you choose to install bars on the windows, they must be easily removable from the inside.

Not only is this a safety consideration, often bedrooms in the home without larger windows are not considered legal bedrooms and cannot be listed as such if you decide to sell your home. Having this additional living space listed can help attract buyers and the larger windows will allow more natural light into the basement.


Be cautious of hazardous materials

If your basement was built prior to the 1990s, you should be cautious of hazardous building materials like asbestos. Asbestos was widely used in construction materials like floor and ceiling tile, insulation and drywall. When disturbed, it can be extremely hazardous to your health causing diseases like fibrotic lung disease and lung cancer. Before you start demolishing, contact an asbestos remediation company to test for and remove asbestos if it’s present in your basement.

Another thing to check for is black mould and mildew. If you find mould lurking behind walls during your basement renovations, you’ll have to have that remediated by a professional as well. You must also find the cause of the moisture issue that cause the mould or mildew, like leaky plumbing or a crack in the foundation, and have that repaired as soon as possible.


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