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BIE Feature: February

ARC Business Solutions Inc.

ARC Business Solutions Inc.

22 Years in Business  

Submitted by Gopan Kurup, Director—ARC Business Solutions Inc.

What’s your story?  

ARC Business Solutions Inc. (ARC) is local, home-grown success story. Started in 1998 by four friends working in IT consulting, ARC has grown over the last 22 years to open offices in Calgary, Regina, Toronto and Nevada with our head office based in Edmonton, Alberta. 

We employ a strong team of certified, talented professionals and focus on building relationships with our employees and clients. We use proven methodologies to deliver IT solutions of the highest quality to both the private and public sectors. 


What do you enjoy most about being a member of the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce?  

As a member of the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce, we can influence policies for Edmonton Business’ and can take advantage of a handful of various networking opportunities. Also, we are able to put forth concerns and suggestions from small and medium-sized businesses in Alberta. 


What is one thing people are surprised to learn about your business?  

People are surprised by the vast variety of IT related services that we provide. Additionally, people are often stunned by the long-term relationships we have forged with both clients and staff in this competitive marketplace. In some cases, we have been working with clients for over 20 years as well as internal staff. People are surprised that a company from Edmonton has provided solutions for such a wide range of organizations. From the major banks, CSIS, the Department of Homeland Security in the US, to the Citadel Theatre in Edmontonwe’ve worked on a diverse range of projects for a diverse group of clients. We have a wide variety of clients including pipelines, utilities, private, public, and not-for-profit organizations. 


Who is your ideal client?  

An individual or business who wants to build a long-term mutually beneficial relationship. Clients who believe in driving technology and business solutions through business needs. Ultimately, we are successful when our clients are successful. 


What has been your biggest challenge in business, and how did you overcome it?  

The biggest challenge we have faced was the downturn in the local economy. We have overcome a lot of that challenge by diversifying our services, creating recession-proof software products and mobile apps, and growing our offices and client-base outside of Alberta. 


What is your favourite thing to do in Edmonton?  

Two of Edmonton’s best-kept secrets are the quality of our restaurants, and the number of festivals and events that happen here. A meal at Uccilino, a drink at Woodwork or Red Star, breakfast at Pip, lunch at Farrow, there really is no end to the great options for food we have. We want these businesses to thrive and growtherefore, as a fellow local business, we believe we have an obligation to support them and keep the restaurant scene resilient. As for festivals, there really is something for everyone to look forward to from the giant ice carvings in the winter to those summer nights sitting on the hill at Folk Festival overlooking the city skyline and everything in between! 


If you could make one substantial improvement to Edmonton’s business environment, what would it be 

Our business environment can thrive if we continue to find qualified, quality resources and get them here easier if necessary. Also, while this movement is gaining momentum, continue to encourage local businesses to support local businesses. We all thrive when everyone is successful!  

Edmonton has a unique business community and we want to highlight hardworking Edmontonians who have a story to tell. Each month, we feature a member or two in the Business In Edmonton Magazine and take an opportunity to share their story and find out why they enjoy doing what they do. Follow along each month as we feature members while helping amplify their stories on our website and social media platforms.

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