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Municipal Face Covering Bylaw

February 28, 2022


Dear Mayor and Council:

Re: Municipal Face Covering Bylaw 

We are writing today on behalf of our members regarding the City of Edmonton Face Covering Bylaw which remains in place as the provincial requirements end on March 1st, 2022.

Like the views expressed on the ending of the Restrictions Exemption Program, most businesses would prefer to see the municipal Face Covering Bylaw repealed in coordination with the provincial program, although some of our members have shared different perspectives on this issue.

Keeping Edmonton’s regulations in line with the province and surrounding communities is important to minimize confusion and to ensure that businesses are competitive with those outside of the city limits. Businesses owners and managers are also concerned about the increasing difficulty for small businesses and front-line staff in enforcing the bylaw.

For those individual businesses who plan to continue with a mask requirement beyond the end of the municipal bylaw, the Edmonton Chamber respects each decision and encourages everyone to continue to support local businesses who are still working to survive the impacts of the global pandemic. We would also ask all patrons to respect the choices of businesses and adhere to their requirements during this time of transition. 


Yours truly,

Edmonton Chamber of Commerce

Jeffrey Sundquist

President & CEO

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