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BIE Feature: June

Sabroso Foods

Sabroso Foods

3 Years in Business  

Submitted by Patricia Salazar, Founder & CEO—Sabroso Foods

What’s your story?

My background is Business Administration, and ever since my university days, I had always dreamt of having my own business. Originally from Colombia, I lived a few years in Florida, U.S.A., and moved to Canada in 2003 where I’ve called Edmonton my home ever since. A great opportunity presented itself a couple of months after my arrival to Canada, so I took it and had my first business venture, which is still going strong today. In 2011 I was faced with a difficult situation, and I needed to switch gears. I jumped into my second business venture, a Latin grocery store in the south side of Edmonton, which opened its doors to the public in June 2012. It was a wonderful experience learning about the retail industry, as well as meeting amazing people at both a personal and business level. I had the store for 5 years, sold it, and decided to get into the importing and distribution business of specialty food products, and that is how Sabroso Foods came to life! 


What do you enjoy most about being a member of the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce?

I love how the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce offers various levels of support to businesses of all sizes. Another great perk I enjoy is the chance to participate in their amazing events for both networking and educational opportunities. 


What has been your biggest challenge in business, and how did you overcome it?

Managing and dealing with suppliers has always been a constant challenge, with several variables involved at every stage. To manage this, I’ve focused on building excellent relationships with our suppliers and have always been present and on top of things at every step of the process. 


What is your favourite thing to do in Edmonton?

I’d have to say it depends on the season but being outdoors is my favourite way to spend time in the city. 


If you could make one substantial improvement to Edmonton’s business environment, what would it be?

Creating easier access to financial resources, without having to pay high prices would be something that all businesses could benefit from. 

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