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Remote Work = Increased Cybercrime

Member Submission Back Remote Work = Increased Cybercrime 17 November 2020 Blog submitted by PrinterWorks West How safe is your data? In these challenging times, cyber criminals are more active than ever. With so many Canadian employees working remotely, the opportunities for these cyber threat actors to hack increase exponentially. Without serious precautions taken to…

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Gender equality is good for business

News Back Gender equality is good for business 03 March 2020 March 8th is International Women’s Day, a time to celebrate women’s countless contributions and achievements. It’s also an opportunity to consider how advancing gender equality can help businesses succeed and grow our economy. While the number of women entering business, politics and the skilled…

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Roofing in the Winter

Member Submission Back Roofing in the Winter 02 March 2020 Blog submitted by Renovation Find While spring feels like it is right around the corner, we know that another blast of winter could be upon us. And currently, you suspect your business or house might have a leak in the roof. Whether the issue is…

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