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Business Essentials Funding

With the help of federal support local funding, we are offering over $70,000 in funding to help advance your small business.

Apply for your chance to receive up to $2,500 in business expense coverage!

From now until November 30th, 2021, you can apply to receive up to $2,500 towards covering business expenses that will help amplify and enhance your small business! This funding can go towards multiple areas of your business such as: 

  • Marketing: Website design or development, social media consulting, advertising, graphic design, public relations, videography, photography, signage, etc. 
  • Professional Services: Accounting, bookkeeping, human resources, IT services, legal services, business consulting, training, etc. 
  • And more! 

Please refer to our terms and conditions below for more details or contact us and we can advise.

Not an Edmonton Chamber Member? No problem. This opportunity is open to all businesses, so apply today!

Let us help you cover your business-associated costs!  

We understand that the last 18 months has been difficult and most importantly, expensive, for small business owners. That’s why we are thrilled to offer support to the Edmonton business community so they can access professional services to help facilitate a strong recovery into 2022.   

There’s a limited amount of funds available to organizations looking for financial assistance, so don’t wait and apply today! 

UPDATE: We've had an incredible response to our Business Essentials Funding program in the last two days. Due to the overwhelming responses, we are no longer accepting new submissions.

Terms and Conditions 

The program is open to all local small or medium-sized business within the Edmonton Metropolitan Region. Applicants do not have to be an Edmonton Chamber member. 

Businesses must be licensed and must be locally owned and operated. 

The Edmonton Chamber will award up to $2,500 to successful applicants on a first-come, first-served basis. Payments from the Chamber will not include G.S.T, applicants are responsible for any tzxes associated with the cost. For example, a claim for $2100 ($2000 in services plus $100 G.S.T.) would result in the successful applicant receiving $2000 in reimbursement from the Chamber. 

Applications must be received by end of day, Tuesday, November 30th, 2021.

Successful applicants will be contacted through email and be provided approval in writing, specifying the amount that you are eligible for. Applicants will have 30 days to send a completed invoice to with the following details: 

  • Your Company Name  
  • Invoice description 
  • Business expense description and scope of work 

Failure to submit an invoice within 30 days of approval will result in cancellation of the application/approval, and the funding will be awarded to the next business on our waiting list. 

In the event that an invoice cannot be sent within the 30 days, we are able to extended the time frame to 45 days if a signed contract outlining the terms and conditions, including the financial commitments, can be supplied within the 30-day window. The invoice must be submitted within 45 days in order to provide proof of payment. 

Businesses are only eligible to receive one payment from the Chamber. They are not permitted to apply for additional expenses. 

If a business is unsuccessful in their application, they may submit a new application based on different needs.  

This program is designed to assist business cover expenses that will help amplify and/or enhance their business so they can recover from the pandemic and get back to business. This funding can go towards multiple areas of your business such as: 

  • Marketing – Website design or development, logo design, social media consulting, advertising, graphic design, public relations, videography/photography, signage, printing, etc. 
  • Professional Services – Accounting, bookkeeping, human resources, IT services, legal services, business consulting, training, professional memberships, etc. 
  • Costs associated with utilities (water, electricity, gas, cable, cellular/internet, etc.), salaries/wages, office equipment (desks, chairs, etc.), electronic office equipment (computers, cell phones, printers, etc.), and entertainment (tickets, food, alcohol, etc.),  are all ineligible. 
  • Temporary workspace rentals are not included in this grant but may be covered through another program with pre-selected local suppliers. Stay tuned for updates on temporary workspaces.

The applicant guarantees to the Edmonton Chamber that any information supplied in connection with the application is accurate, complete, true and not misleading. 

Applicants will be contacted by the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce and be notified of their application status. 

Please note, the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce holds no responsibility for any added costs associated with your application. 

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