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Oilers Playoff Business Playbook

Scoring Big: How Local Businesses Can Win During the Stanley Cup Playoffs in Edmonton

As the excitement of the Stanley Cup playoffs sweeps through Edmonton, the City of Champions, our local businesses have a golden opportunity to score big. Whether you're a restaurant, bar, retail shop, or service provider, tapping into the surge of tourism and local enthusiasm for the Oilers can significantly boost your bottom line. Here's how your business can capitalize on the playoff fever and ensure the benefits extend beyond the final whistle.  


1. Show Your Oilers Colours

First and foremost, let your Oilers spirit shine! Decorate your storefront with Oilers banners, flags, and signs to demonstrate your support for the team. Visitors and locals alike will appreciate the camaraderie and feel more inclined to patronize businesses that share their passion with our team.

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2. Prep Your Space

In preparation for the influx of visitors, take the time to spruce up your establishment. Clean windows, turn on your TVs, and well-maintained facilities can make a positive impression on customers and enhance their overall experience. Remember, first impressions count, especially when you're vying for the attention of eager hockey fans.

3. Staff Appropriately

Anticipate higher-than-usual foot traffic during game days and evenings throughout the playoffs. Ensure you have enough staff to provide prompt and attentive service. Friendly and knowledgeable employees can leave a lasting impression on customers, encouraging them to return long after the playoffs are over.

4. Engage with Visitors

Beyond simply promoting your business, actively engage with visitors by fostering a sense of community and belonging. Strike up conversations about the Oilers, share anecdotes, and encourage patrons to share their experiences. By creating a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere, you can forge connections that extend beyond the playoffs.

5. Offer Playoff Specials

Entice customers with special offers and promotions tailored to the playoff season. Consider creating themed menu items, drink specials, or exclusive discounts for Oilers fans. These incentives attract customers and encourage them to stay longer and spend more while cheering on their team.

6. Be Present Online

Amplify your business's presence by leveraging social media during the playoffs. Use hashtags like #Believe and #GoOilersGo, and tag us, The Chamber, in your posts. Share updates, promotions, and stories about how your business benefits from the playoffs. This increases your visibility and connects you with the larger community of Oilers fans and local supporters.

7. Post Playoff LOILTY

Once the playoffs are over, don't let the momentum fade away. Implement strategies to retain customers drawn to your business during the playoffs. Consider loyalty programs, special events, or exclusive offers to incentivize repeat visits and foster long-term customer loyalty.

Ultimately, it's not just about capitalizing on the temporary surge of tourism during the playoffs but about building lasting relationships with customers that extend well beyond the final buzzer. By demonstrating your support for the Oilers and providing exceptional service and experiences, your business can emerge as a true champion in our city's thriving business community. Doug Griffiths As I’ve said before, said, "When people are feeling good, it's always good for the business community."

And most importantly,  


Stay Tuned for More Updates and Resources

Stay Tuned for More Updates and Resources

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